Your cakes are beautiful, but do they taste good too?

At Ezybake, we make all of our cakes and cookies to order. That means we’re baking them when you order them – no frozen products here! We only use fresh ingredients, including pure butter, milk, flour, sugar and eggs. This means our cakes not only look beautiful, but they also taste delicious –

What cake flavours & fillings do you have?

All cake flavours are also available in cupcakes. (A minimum order is required. Please contact us to find out more.)

Standard cake flavours

Almond Cake
Banana Cake
Butter Scotch Cake
Carrot Cake
Cheese Cake
Chocolate & Vanilla Marble Cake
Chocolate Fudge Cake
Chocolate Orange Cake
Coconut Cake
Double Chocolate Cake
Lemon Cake
Marble Cake
Orange Cake
Pistachio Cake
Red Velvet Cake / Pink Velvet Cake
Spice Cake
Suji Cake
Vanilla Cake
Walnut Cake
White Chocolate Macadamia Cake

Standard cake fillings

Buttercream-based fillings: (Flavors, fruit, nuts are mixed into buttercream for a rich delicious filling). These buttercream based fillings are also used as cupcake frosting.

Green tea
Peanut Butter
Oreos and Cream

Custard Fillings


Other Fillings

Chocolate Ganache
Cream Cheese
Fresh strawberries can be added to custard or buttercream fillings

Do you have Vegetarian flavours?

Yes, we do have vegetarian flavours. Most of the above mentioned cakes are also available in vegetarian flavours.


How much do the cakes cost?

Sponge Cakes 70 RM/KG, Butter Cakes 80 RM/KG, Chocolate Cakes 85 RM/KG, Cheese Cakes 90 RM/KG, Continental Cakes 95 RM/KG.

The overall price is determined by the complexity of the design along with how much detail and time would go into the construction of your cake. Prices also vary depending on the size and complexity of the design. A design fee of RM 20 per kg (butter cake flavours only) will be charged extra for specialty, sculpted or novelty designs. For specialty or novelty cakes, please contact us for a very best price quote. You will never be disappointed.

How do I make my payment(s)?

50% of the final total is required at the time of booking and it can be in the form of cash or bank in. Your 50% deposit is non-refundable and the final balance amount should be paid during the time of delivery or during pick up.

How much will my simple wedding cake cost?

Let's say you are having 80 guests at your wedding. A 3 tiered round cake (serves 80-85 guests), finished with Buttercream, with a simple design will be approximately RM 750 to RM 900 (depends on flavour and decoration)

I am having a large number of guests at my wedding. How could I make my order more cost effective?

We would recommend ordering a smaller "display" cake and having an "extra servings" cake to serve the remaining guests. An “extra servings” cake is a separate cake that is brought to the kitchen at your reception facility when your cake is delivered. This cake will be constructed exactly as the tiers of your wedding cake with the same cake and filling flavours. The difference is that this cake is not decorated. Once cut and plated, your guests would not be able to distinguish between the displayed cake and the “extra servings” cake. Please be sure to order the “extra servings” cake if you want to make it cost effective.


How soon do I need to place an order for a wedding cake?

At least one week in advance would be ideal.

Do you have a retail store where I can walk in and purchase a cake on the spot?

No, we are by-appointment only shop which specializes in custom cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Please feel free to drop by after making an appointment with us to inspect our premises and see our facilities.

Can I pick up my order at the store? Where are you located?

Yes, you are welcome to do so. Please click the contact us icon for the address and map.

Is a deposit required when placing an order?

Yes, a 50% non-refundable order is required for all orders.

I have my own cake flavour in mind; do you do custom cake flavours?

Yes, our cakes are all made to order, so if you have a flavour in mind, let us know and we’ll do everything to make it happen for you.
Our bakery is open by appointment only; we do not have any cakes pre-made for sale. Every cake we make is custom made to order from start to finish. Please feel free to browse our cake flavours listed in the flavours section.

How do I order a custom cake?

Think about what would be fun, creative that really says something about the person who you are getting the cake for. Does he or she play any sports? What Musical instruments do they play? What are their hobbies? What is your child's favourite cartoon character or toy? Anything you can think of, we can possibly make into a cake. After you have an idea of what you would like, email us with the following information:

  • The date of the event
  • What you have in mind for the design. The more specific, the better. (Please don't just say "sports themed"...) We are creative,but we need somewhere to start from.
  • Whether it will be picked up or delivered. (please include pick-up/delivery time and/or delivery location)
  • How many people you will need the cake to feed?

Once we receive all of the necessary information we will email you a price quote.

How can I order cakes, cupcakes or cookies?

We take orders by face to face meet ups in our shop, phone, email, or through our online form.

How far in advance should I place my order?

Normal birthday cakes, a couple of days before the event is sufficient.

For speciality cakes like for e.g. Wedding cakes. We’d like as much lead-time as possible…but if you have a short notice order, ask us, and we’ll try to get it done for you! If possible, we ask that you give us at least 1 one week notice on specialty cake orders.

What methods of payment do you accept?

We accept cash or bank in.


Is there a delivery charge?

Yes. The delivery charge not only covers our time and fuel costs, but set-up costs as well. Some cakes requiring elaborate set-ups (for e.g. wedding cakes) may be subject to an increased set-up and delivery charge. Prices vary accordingly for distant deliveries and very special set ups. Please contact us to enquire. All the costs will be nominal and you will not be disappointed.


Do you have pictures of some of your previous cakes?

Yes, please visit our Products page to view some of our previous works.

How many pieces do your cakes serve?

It will obviously depend on the size of each slice. As an estimate 2kg square cake can serve 40 pieces. A round cake will serve a little less.

How do I store the cakes?

Never store butter cakes in the fridge. It is ideally stored in a cool and dry place and keeps best for about 5 days. If you wish to store it for longer, then you may refrigerate it but please take it out from the fridge an hour before serving. The speciality cakes however, like cheese cakes, black forest, tiramisu etc, require refrigeration.

Do you make gluten-free cakes?

Yes, we offer gluten free cakes for any type of event including weddings.

Do you make dairy-free cakes?

Yes, we offer dairy free cakes for any type of event including weddings.

Do you make display cakes?

Yes, we can make display cakes perfect for bridal events, outdoor weddings or magazine shoots. Please contact us to learn more.

Can you make logo cakes, picture cakes, cupcakes or cookies?

Yes, Ezybake has the capability of printing your pictures, corporate logos or images onto cakes, cupcakes and cookies. Displaying your corporate logo on one of our creative cake designs is a great way to brand your company. Corporations can use picture cakes & cupcakes for new brand launches, retirement dinners, charity events and company anniversaries.

I am interested in taking a cake decorating course. Are you offering a class?

Yes, we offer cake, bread, cookie, cupcake and cake decorating lessons for individuals and small groups. Please visit our Classes page in our website for a comprehensive list of courses we are currently offering.